Selling Yellow Pages Advertising ...Effectively

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A sales tool written by Jeffrey Price.

A step by step approach, revealing a proven yet simple formula on how to effectively sell Yellow Pages advertising.

Whether you represent a Telephone or Independent publisher, are inexperienced or a seasoned sales representative, this book gets to the core methods on how to get the customer to say, "Yes!"

Learn how simple it actually is to "Prove the Value" of your product. How that ultimately leads to creating New Business, Increasing existing revenue as well as saving Decrease and Cancellations.

This book covers everything a premise salesperson needs to know to be successful selling Yellow Pages advertising. From how to get an appointment to gaining a customer's trust. From organizing your day to effectively organizing your automobile/office (including what foods, liquids and containers are best).

All the information contained in this book comes from the perspective of someone who has worked the street for more than 22 years.

To order a copy of this book, click here.