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For more than 20 years, advertisers have been getting greater results with customized Yellow Pages ads designed by JPA.

Yellow Pages Sales Training
Transform Your Salespeoples’ Productivity In A 3 Hour Training. To learn more about our training services, click here.

Yellow Pages Ad Design
Maximize your advertising efforts with a custom-designed Yellow Pages ad that will get read first and dominate your competition. To learn more about our design and consulting services, click here.

See Our Portfolio
Our specialty is redesigning ads with greater visual impact, encompassing specialized "text" that will trigger a buyer to call. To see a portfolio of before and after Yellow Pages ads, click here.

Yellow Pages Advertising:
How to Get the Greatest Return on Your Investment

This book unveils a clear-cut, step by step approach to Yellow Pages advertising, guiding you through proven methods for maximizing the results of your directory advertising. To learn more about this valuable resource, click here.

The Yellow Pages
Handbook of Objections & Responses

The most compete list of objections that Yellow Pages salespeople commonly encounter, with more than 160 proven responses. This book has been ordered and reordered by Yellow Pages publishers and salespeople since 1988. To order your copy, click here.
Selling Yellow Pages Advertising ... Effectively
A step by step approach, revealing a proven yet simple formula on how to effectively sell Yellow Pages advertising. To order your copy, click here.